Stella Maris

Stella Maris

Stella Maris has had a lifelong fascination with colour. 'My journey to becoming an artist started in a tobacconist's in Piacenza in 1990 when I was transfixed by a postcard of a fresco painting'. Read more

On returning to England she took up her own study of art history, visiting the National Gallery and The Tate every Friday for several years. At the same time she was working for the architect Nicholas Grimshaw. It was there she received a different visual training and a love of minimalism.

Her own painting started in 1992 and in 1998, on moving to Brighton, she became a full time artist. Her work either relates to the sea or simply plays with colour and form.

Of her recent work Stella observes: 'I love the alchemy of colour relationships. Marks or motifs represent energy and spirit. Screenprinting allows me to reduce the number of elements in my work and I am interested in the way that very few marks can hold such power. Blocks of intense colour represent landscape and simple, strong shapes are used to suggest movement.'

'I live in Cornwall - a place of contrasts. The extraordinary light gives dazzling colours in sunshine in summer but in winter the landscape can be shrouded in a grey mist so that only silhouettes are visible. My work mixes vibrant colours with a palette of greys.'

'On the Atlantic coast the energy of the sea and the sense of space can be both powerful and calming and these are qualities I am aiming for in my work. The most recent series of prints relate to a particular plot of land and the opportunity to grow and explore there.'