Henrik Simonsen

Henrik Simonsen

Danish artist Simonsen engages with a Western tradition of flower paintings and still life, approaching it in a contemporary way. Although delicately beautiful, these botanical observations are more than merely decorative, taking on an intimately personal element through their skilful, almost spontaneous execution. Read more

Born in Denmark in 1974, Simonsen studied art in his native country before spending two years studying in New York and then at Exeter College of Art and Design.

Simonsen uses nature as a central theme throughout his work, which he puts down to his Scandinavian roots and the region’s long standing tradition of art, design and architecture inspired by natural forms. His background is also stylistically evident in his economy of colour, line and use of space and light, along with the dominance of nature as the subject matter.

Simonsen’s recent Rococo-inspired work celebrates the sensuousness, the elegance and the ornate aspects of nature.

He has shown internationally, including alongside such modern masters as Bridget Riley, Victor Pasmore, Stephen Conroy and Frank Auerbach, and he was recently invited to create a piece for a museum in Belgium’s permanent collection, joining a select number of living artists.