Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin’s internationally admired work is, in his own words, ‘about the fine line between the sinister and the beautiful.’ Candy colours, butterflies and childhood cartoons are interspersed with guns and razors, an enervating mixed media approach that blends realism with fantasy. Read more

Baldwin was born in Manchester and now resides in West Sussex. He graduated in Illustration/ Communication Media in 1995 with commendation from Maidstone School of Art, before which he was at Eastbourne College of Art, where he was awarded best student in 1990.

He has exhibited worldwide alongside Banksy, Anthony Micallef, Jamie Hewlett, Peter Blake, Nick Walker and Vic Reeves, among many others.

The collecting of realelements has always been an important part of Baldwin’s layering process, which has seen him employ real Iraq and U.S. currency, vintage crucifixes, bullets, stag horns, guns and war memorabilia. Although primarily a painter, Baldwin also produces ceramics, and in the past has been commissioned to create book covers and album covers for the likes Overlook Publishers and the Wall of Sound record label. Baldwin claims that his paintings are never planned, but are part of ‘an organic spontaneous journey’. Recently he has incorporated screen-printing alongside the layering of household paints and spray paint. He was selected as one of five artists on BBC2's The Apprentice first series, and was named as one of the top 5 artists in the country by Sir Alan Sugar.

Catching the eye of the media for his politically relevant art, Baldwin has also been featured in numerous publications, including Dazed & Confused, Elle, Modern Painters and Vogue.


British pop/rock singer Paolo Nutini has used a cross section of Dan Baldwins Cyclone for his latest single Scream (Funk Up My Life)