The Process

Deciding on a frame
Cutting Mount Boards
Frame Cutting Equipment in the Workshop
Cutting Frame
Joining Frame
Sanding Frame
Paint Finishes
Paint Finishes
Finished Frame

The presentation of artwork is crucial in its overall effect. Our aesthetic understanding in these matters is second-to-none: the practical advice we provide is based on a deep knowledge of interior design, construction, materials and finishing techniques.

In our high street shop we have a wall filled with moulding samples, and a wide range of mountboards to help you select a framing combination.

We begin with advice on mounting, for example a work on paper needs mounting to space it from glass and to give it room, so we would begin with the selection of the correct mounting board and proportions, before moving on to the choice of the frame. On the other hand, an oil on canvas does not need mounting, so we can focus on the frame needed. We would look at profiles, colours and proportion required, referring top examples of framed artwork hanging in the shop. We draw up a cutting list each week, and the average waiting time is usually around a fortnight. Read more

Cutting Frames
We cut mouldings on our state-of-the-art combined pneumatic and hydraulic mitre saw. This gives us the most perfect mitres possible, and can cut mouldings up to 180mm wide.

Joining Frames
Frames are joined using wood glue and a pneumatic underpinner. The glue is left for a whole night before the sanding process begins.

Sanding Frames
The preparation of frames for lacquering is very labour-intensive but vital in achieving a perfect surface for the finish. Our workshop has a highly effective extraction system to keep the process as efficient as anywhere in the industry.