Staying Inspired

Our Newest window display, to rid ourselves and our customers of the gloom of these darkening days, is this joyous collection of prints from Woop Studios showing collective nouns of beautiful birds, the lovely handmade felt cushions from Nuggett, a selection of great new games and books showing the works of Charley Harper and some of our leather satchels in gorgeous colours.


This week has really flown by, each day has been filled with the exciting challenge of finding room in our tiny shop for all the lovely things that are arriving. I have been totally spoilt for choice for calendars this year, and as a result have gone bonkers and bought a huge range, here are just the tip of the iceberg!



I am totally inspired by the style and vision of The Sartorialist blog, and I am very excited by the publication by Penguin, of the book Closer by Scott Schuman. It is a fabulous observation of snappy dressers the world over and how they wear their clothes. Anyone interested, even remotely in fashion whether it be vintage or urban, but especially any combination will love this.


Dan Baldwin's bold urban screen prints have been our best sellers over the last few months, and have created a great deal of interest. We are really excited to see his newest work Tantrum Confession, hot off the press and due any minute, but it's just waiting for signing. Here is a preview! 

We are often asked to work miracles with very old and damaged pieces, this arrived in a very poor state and needed a lot of help, and so I am very proud to show how fabulous this original and valuable french poster looks today!

Following the vintage design theme we have received some new designs in this gorgeous collection of soaps and scented candles. I bought some on holiday in Portugal a couple of years ago, really just because I love their beautiful packaging, but there are the most delicious and long lasting soaps I have ever come across.

Timbergram are a new business partnership run by sisters, these unique wooden postcards are somewhere between a card and a keepsake. Inspired by the wooden postcards of the early 1900's, they have been designed for all occasions in a bold retro style and can be popped in the post with a standard stamp! It is a wonderfully original idea and immediately very popular in our Lewes shop. Here are just some of their lovely fresh designs.

More by the end of the week!