ColoursI started writing this blog on the 15th March, I appear to have taken several steps back in my ability to control technology. I can't even tell you how many times i have re-started, and my original draft was about completely different things, except that on that morning I had received an email to tell me that Mark Hearld's new lithograph was available and that we were also able to show this lovely image Hatbox Squirrels. Both of these prints are now available from our website.


We had a great day up at the Affordable Art Fair.  Despite it being the only day this year it has rained and that monumental clouds covered London, it was my birthday and we were in irrepressibly good moods.
I usually visit the show on a weekday, but we had been busy all week and so, found ourselves amongst the Saturday crowds.  I felt that the thronging bustle made for a very positive atmosphere and loads of people were buying, which was a great sign.

Steve bought me bought a great curious painting of a man dreaming, by Gustavo Ortiz  shown by the Caroline Oliver Gallery, Brighton, I am really looking forward to seeing more of his work when he has a show later in the year.


This was we decided the most desirable piece at the fair, an amazing creation of love poetry written in a perfect spiral in a huge format and stunningly decorated with folded paper.  Caroline Attam shown by the Rebecca Hossack Gallery.
We have changed our window again this morning and Gary Goodman's brilliant Monoprints of some very moody looking girls, beautifully captured in his simple honest style.

We have a great body of work by Gary Goodman available from our Lewes shop subjects ranging from very sweet intimate domestic portraits to some wonderfully weird dreamlike collections of creatures.

New work into the shop last week too from screen printer Freya Cummings brings a very decorative tone to our collection and have been immediately popular.

Back soon I hope!