John Simpson - Snow Patrol Album Cover "Fallen Empires"

John Simpson Eagles DescentThe most exciting moment of my week was opening a package of the new print from John Simpson Eagle's Descent commissioned by Snow Patrol for their new Album Fallen Empires. It is his most beautiful image yet, showing off his expert draughtsmanship and skillful mixing of technique.


Eagle's Descent by John Simpson
We have these other John Simpson prints available to buy from our site too. Clockwise from left The Briar Patch, Broken Horse, Fox with Girl, Minotaur Study, Artemis, Actaeon, Encounter with Omega.

John Simpson Prints

Taylor and I had great fun making this beautiful Tree of Life by the dutch design team at KIDSONROOF, a really lovely concept using recycled materials and contemporary imagery resulting  in a creative 3D model that can be made in a variety of ways. Really fun to make with your children during the festive season.

Tree of Life by KIDSONROOF

A busy day in the framing shop today and it seems as though we will be hard working little Christmas elves in the lead up to the big day! If you are running out of time or truly original ideas we do have lots of gorgeous prints already framed and ready our Lewes shop.

Terry Frost Prints Framed

Mark Hearld Print Framed

We had a gorgeous delivery of quilts in the shop and what could be more fabulous on Christmas morning than opening a beautifully wrapped present (we also have brilliantly designed wrapping paper and ribbons as in the image below available in the shop) and finding the most exquisite hand quilted textiles inside!