How gorgeous to wake up, this morning to blue skies and beautiful bright sunshine after a week of so many drenchings! Everything in my garden seems to have grown a foot though and look fantastically green! We changed our shop window again on Monday, replacing a wild arrangement of kitchen implements and flying aprons with a much calmer, artizan arrangement of works by a collection of women printmakers, Elizabeth Frink, Sarah Young, Monica MacDonald Ralph and Fi Smart. I also persuaded by lovely husband Steve to lug my printing press from home, hugely heavy! Although these artists have quite varied styles and techniques, they share a strong sense of energy and a beautiful use of colour.
The star of the show is undoubtedly Frink's Marsh Harrier, a really stunning etching with aquatint that captures the split second when this elusive bird of prey swoops across her page. I was in Elizabeth Frink's stamping ground in Suffolk in March and was lucky enough to see one, a very rare and beautiful sight - I know, I sound like a twitcher!

'Dancing Hill' by Monica MacDonald Ralph
Brighton based printmaker, Sarah Young's Eastern European brides are typical of her quirky and unapologetically decorative style, she has an unique colour sense bold, but never primary. She features in the very comprehensive and practical book, Printmaking by Ann D'Arcy Hughes and Hebe Vernon Morris, published by Rotovision which is one of our shops bestsellers.

 'Fag Packet Series' By Sir Peter Blake
Fi Smart lives and works in Yelverton in Devon, a very beautiful place on the edge of the moors, where I grew up, but this linocut is finely cut and printed in a strong and imaginative palette and distinctively French.