Easter Shinanigans

I love Easter with all the promise of spring and this year we were so lucky to have our first taste of warm weather and were able to get outside and enjoy the garden! Easter breakfast outside with these fablous fold out cards by Mark Hearld made our table look lovely. We adore these simple and extremely pleasing Mali ceramics from Nkuku, with their soft glaze and perfect shape.



Sophie taking a break from the shoot with her iPad with its stylish walnut Lumberjacket! 

Our directors chairs from Deckchair Stripes look fantastic and are the most confortable place to retreat with a drink and a book. 

These deckchairs come in a beautiful range of vintage fabrics—a design classic.

Stools in the same gorgeous fabrics, all of which can be made to order.

Our beautiful hand stitched quilts are perfect to enjoy in the garden as they can be machine wshed so don't mind being spread out on the grass to lie on and read the papers!

There're plenty more photos from this shoot to come, so keep a look out!