Sophie-Rose's Blog

I started working at Kings Framers back in September and I am now writing my first blog. We are often getting deliveries of new products in the shop which is always exciting, and I find myself wanting an awful lot of it which can never be a bad thing. 
Kings framers have sold these mugs for years now but in early February we decided to stock these newer designs which have proved to be popular and were perfect gifts over valentines. I have only snapped a few of my favourites but there are many more in our Lewes shop.


When we discovered Lumberjacket at Top Drawer I absolutely loved them and immediately wanted one for myself. They are such a great idea, work really well and are brilliantly priced. There are covers available for; iPhone 4/5, iPad 2/3 and Macbook Pro/Air 15''/13''.

I've recently been really inspired by these notecards I noticed when tidying the shelves in the shop. I decided to use these notecards as decoration in my bedroom; by just arranging them onto a white cork board along with lots of other bits and pieces with pins it's so simple but I think it adds character.

This excitement also lead me onto a search for blogs, websites and photographers with similar ideas and styles. It wasn't long till I discovered this fabulous blog by Benedict Stenning who is a great friend. His tumblr blog is filled with such creative ideas and such casual-but-precise shots; Benedict Stenning's Blog

Before Christmas I discovered a beautiful moulding sample in the shop and I immediately was on the look-out for something to get framed using this delicately pretty gold moulding and it didn't take me long to find a gorgeous sheet of wrapping paper that was perfect.

Please excuse the glare in the middle from the glass.