Gorgeous Things To Make Us Forget The Gloom

We are very excited to have received this week this great new silkscreen from John Simpson. As ever it has been beautifully printed by Artizan in Hove and is built up of delicate layers of ink. Delicate and immensely strong at the same time.


The lovely portraits by Ryan Pickart combine the line of Egon Sheile with the pattern of Gustav Klimt and then a perfectly contemporary palette. As seen on the very lovely Miss Moss blog.


I love the potential of this great Loco design by Studio Boot, a modular system printed on both sides allowing the possibility of 32,642 different design combinations!



This photo from Korean Vogue is so many things I love!


Marston and Langinger

How lovely and inspiring is this installation by Jacob Hashimoto at the Ronchini gallery in London. Photo Courtesy of Michele Roberto Sereni and Ronchini Gallery. It must be impossible to walk through without giving in to the temptation to touch!

We are really pleased to be reintroducing the work of talented painter and printmaker, Tom Hammick into our collection. The first prints arrived yesterday and they are very beautiful and strong, we look forward to offering them for sale on our website very soon!

See you soon!