The High street is full of sale signs and it is a funny experience for a shopkeeper,  but you have to see the positive side in it being a time for a bit of a shake up and reducing pieces that have been lovingly made by our own fair hand means that they may sell to someone who will cherish their bargain even more! It does mean we have a vibrant busy shop and thats got to be a very good thing! We have made great big reductions on all our photoframes and mirrors so now is a good time to come into our lewes shop and pick up a bargain! Lots of our photoframes are dissappearing out of the door and it is lovely to think of the summer holiday photos and pictures of loved ones being displayed in our frames in so many homes.

We finished a collection of framed prints and a huge mirror for a private home and last week went to hang everything in situ. I always love seeing a project right through to is end and seeing things hanging, as so often we just see our framing out of the door of the shop. In this particular house the very tall mirror (it was nearly seven feet high and very heavy) was destined to hang with its fixings about eleven feet up,which is quite a mission in terms of weight and nerve! Steve was as calm as can be, but I was very relieved once it was safely on the wall. Our customer was very happy and it really looked stunning.... worth every second of anxiety up a very tall ladder!

On Wednesday we were invited over to the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne, to to opening of an exhibition of photographs by Michael George, to coincide with the launch of his new book - Sussex by the Sea. Michael George's photographs are beautifully taken and the book looks great. It is a lovely sequel to the The South Downs which we sell very well in our shop, I imagine this will be equally popular.

I love the Towner building and we really enjoyed the Compulsive Obsessive Repetitive exhibition on the ground floor, really worth a look and an amazing use of till rolls!

Last Friday it was the tenth annual celebration of our local schools moving on parade,  with which I have been involved since it began (I can't believe it really is ten years ago!) It was great to see it so successfully hitting double figures. Congratulations to all the artists and children who made such fantastic costumes and tableaux, I particularly loved Maia Curtis' Mad Hatters from Southover school, really stylish and sassy outfits. It was a beautiful day and had all the energy and excitement it has alway has had, come rain or shine!