Beautiful monotypes by Nick Bodimeade.

Kings Framers are delighted to introduce a collection of monotype prints by Sussex-based artist Nick Bodimeade (b. Richmond, London 1957). Nick works from his idilic studio in the rural hamlet of Hamsey near Lewes, East Sussex. Having spent many years working in the landscape, his work draws upon everyday scenes from his life in Sussex, as well his travels in Europe, Australia and the USA. Additionally Nick has many years of teaching experience from foundation to post-graduate level at various institutions in the South-East. 
As the name implies, monotypes are one-off original prints on paper. They are produced by painting directly on to a sheet of Perspex, which is then run through a printing press, resulting in bold and energetic compositions. Its is the wet and slippery qualities of the paint which distinguish monotypes from paintings on canvas and board.
Nick says about the process “For me monoprinting has a uniqueness both as a process and as a product. It sits somewhere between the provisional and experimental nature of drawing, and the more resolved and considered practices of editioned printmaking and painting. There is something seductive about its freshness, where the slip, slide and skid of wet paint on smooth Perspex is contrasted with the soft, absorbent impression as the image is transferred onto the dampened paper by the printing press. The images are one-offs, decisive and unrepeatable, fixed in time by the press like a snapshot.  There is a poignancy in this relationship between the provisional and the fixed, particularly when coupled with the fleeting visual pleasures of the beach, and it is this that I have sought to exploit in these works.”
This body of work offers a cohesive overview of Nick subjects, which include sun-drenched beaches, animals and rural scenes. Whilst these offer a good impression of the work nothing compares to the real thing, so do pop in and we will be happy to show you the collection. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!