Vogue Box sets & Alphabet Mugs

We tried these Super stripy aprons out and loved them, here is Steve baking delicious biscuits and getting flour everywhere! I get landed with the washing up! The aprons are lovely and long with good long ties and they wash beautifully.


We discovered these super simple rubber speakers this Autumn, and they are proving to be really popular already as perfect Christmas presents! In a great range of primary colours, are made to be pretty much indestructable and they play music via bluetooth so are ideal for travelling, camping anywhere you want to hear your music!

These fine bone china alphabet mugs are a new line for us here at Kings Framers. They have a gorgeous letter on the front and back in vintage type in 24crt gold, one for everybody!

Penguin have just introduced these great Vogue postcard box sets to follow the highly successful sets of Penguin covers, Puffin Covers and most recently James Bond images. The great Value sets of 100 postcards, all different, are only £14.99. The images include lovely illustrations from the very early editions, beautiful classics through the sixties seventies and eighties and come right up to date with Lady Gaga gracing the haloed cover.

Our bookshelves are looking really inspiring with many new titles in our cookbook collection, I really love the India cookbook by Pushpesh Pant which includes recipes from all the different districts in the Subcontinent and mouthwatering photographic illustration. We have even more new titles in our a very wide range of lovely art books from Rapheal to Anish Kapoor, with all the St Ives artists and British printmakers in between.

Here's just a small section;

We are very much looking forward to the Lewes Late night Shopping Evening on the 6th Decenber, put it in your diary if you haven't already, as the towns roads are closed and all the shops open, street entertainment in many different locations around the town and we hope to have a magical Chrismassy atmosphere!

More from us soon!