Yeah YeahI hope you had a lovely Easter, such a good time of the year to take some time out with your family and get a little perspective. Pretty lovely for Devon in early April!



I'm feeling very excited and positive as every day is longer and lighter, these great, affirmative stencils were made by my boy Jerome and sum up my sentiment precisely, so much so that I asked him to stencil straight  onto my bench.


Someone else was feeling similar when they designed this fabulous gift card pack for Ship and Shape.


Don't you think they go beautifully with our new japanese tapes! Useful for making wrapping remarkably easy and decorative even if you don't have the skills, which of course we do!


The May edition of World of Interiors has a promotion for Myland's paints illustrating their new London Range of colours, beautifully photographed. We use their high durability laquers  for our bespoke frames. They are a great company, giving a totally excellent service and when it comes to custom mixing colour for us they can be always relied upon to get it bang on.

Just in to the shop today, the newly republished Ravilious High Street. In its original format a beautiful little book with Eric Ravilious' lovely illustrations of the traditional shopfronts of 1940's london.

Back again soon!