Jessica Zoob + Bade Stageberg Cox Chairs Project

Steve and I were up in London at NeoBankide last week on the Nineteenth floor for the opening of Jessica Zoob's beautiful exhibition. Her work looked amazing in the space and the views across London were extraordinary, we were so lucky it was such a beautiful evening and had perfect vantage point to see the Shard's laser show. We are really looking forward to having Jessica's work in our Lewes shop as part of the Artwave festive, at the end of August. She has been working on a new collection of miniatures which are very beautiful and in great contrast to this epic wild painting which was the highlight of the show.


We left the lovely Neobankside building and joined the people thronging the jubilee walk finding ourselves in an experimental restaurant totally housed in shipping containers, great fun and delicious burritos! On looking this morning I discover that there are websites dedicated solely to resaurants in containers, amazing!

We have been very busy in the shop in recent weeks, its a good time of year to be looking at new products and we have got lots of new and exciting things arriving all the time, its bit like Christmas opening boxes and seeing gorgeous new things! I seem to be constantly drawn to all things colourful and bright a bit of an antedate to the endless rubbish weather!

These are really cool bright shiny diaries just in with zippable covers for keeping all your bits and bobs in!


Beautifully made games and puzzles by great German designers Remember.

Marston and Langinger

I love chairs. I can't resist them and Steve is constantly driven mad by my bringing new broken chairs to him to have help! The Streetseats project by Bade Stageberg Cox rejuvenating abandoned chairs really appeals to me, so beautully simple! Thanks to Ideas to steal. Always an inspiration.

We did a great fun photo shoot at home in the garden for our summer newsletter and Jerome took some beautiful images mostly from the roof! Amazing it almost looks like summer!

Off out into the rain now to watch the Patina Childrens Moving On Parade!

See you soon.