No Pressure — No Diamonds!

This is the last chance to by the one remaining print we have in the edition of Dan Baldwin's fabulous Cyclone. This signed, limited edition silkscreen print is embellished with diamond dust, gold leaf, embossing and collage elements. The piece combines many of the motifs for which the British artist has become renowned. Skulls, blades and hearts are juxtaposed with birds, butterflies, and flora—a celebration of life, death and colour! The British pop/rock singer Paolo Nutini has recently used a cross section of the work for his lastest single 'Scream (Funk My Life Up)' and is using the image as a background at his live shows. Click here to view more works in the collection.
Whilst the image below gives an impression of the work, it is impossible to accurately reproduce the effect of gold leaf, diamond dust and relief photographically. 
We urge you to come in and see the work in our gallery as well as other limited edition prints by the artist.