Monica MacDonald, Restoration and new Brighton Graduate

Peter BlakeWe have been chatting to lots of artists this week in the shop who are getting back to normal after this years open houses, which finished last weekend, and its interesting to learn what has been selling. As we have observed for years, it is the quality of  the print that  buyers of art really look at with much more scrutiny, when as now, people want value for their money. Artists with a reputation for integrity in their work, like printmaker Monica Macdonald Ralph as a perfect example, who are fastidious in all aspects of subject, image and process are those who's work continues to sell very well and gain admirers.
'Dancing Hill' by Monica MacDonald Ralph
A traditional view of Art Restoration is that it all about repairing old oil paintings and their ornate gilt frames or even flood damaged watercolours, which of course we do deal with very frequently, but what we seem to be asked for help with much more frequently is the restoration of very much more modern works of art. This week alone we have had a set of Sir Peter Blake's 'Fag Packet Series', and separately a Banksy print all desperately in need of treatment after having been very badly attached to board. Many Galleries don't have an in-house framer and fail to realise that incorrect handling can cause serious damage, which will affect the re-sale value of an artwork. That we are doing so much of this type of work at the moment demonstrates that cutting corners to keep framing prices down can be much more expensive in the long run. It shows that these days, buyers of modern prints are much more savvy of art values and are taking increased care of their artwork through revisiting how it is presented.   

 'Fag Packet Series' By Sir Peter Blake
It was the last night of Brighton's Graduate Show yesterday,  it is always an amazing mix of inspiration and visual contrast. This year some of the strongest work was in the printmaking department, we are pleased to be able to introduce current graduate Stephanie Thorpe's stunningly printed graphic work, Space of Encounter 1 and 2  each in an edition of 10, selling exclusively at Kings Framers at £120.00.

'Space of Encounter' by Stephanie Thorpe'Space Encounter' by Stephanie Thorpe