Happy Valentines Day

2014 may have started with miserable weather and whipping winds, but we at Kings Framers have been feeling very optimistic and full of new ideas. Trade shows have proved to be full of lots of new and exciting design and we hope to bring you updates of this as beautiful new things arrive. 


Our window display for February is appropriately bursting with love! Valentine design has never been as gorgeous as this year! We have several new ranges of cards, three sizes of pretty love mugs to serve your Valentine tea in bed and the stars of the show are FABULOUS paintings by the brilliant Lewes artist Jo Lamb.

We have been busy on your behalf, visting trade fairs to source new and beautiful things for you to find in our Lewes shop.
Our favourites so far are this range of Chocolates, for their clever and stylish design, which once they arrived, turned out not only to be gorgeous to look at, but also to be organic, fair trade, beautifully handmade in the UK and are they DANGEROUSLY delicious.






We're so excited about the new ringmaster alphabet mugs and the beautifully packaged Chocolates, Panetone and Biscuits newly arrived in our Lewes shop, that we have been inspired to build a kitchen dresser style display for them! It works beautifully with Kelly Hall's Vintage British Kitchen collection of prints, and the hand coloured Chilli & Artichoke prints by Basil Besler.

These fire extinguishers take a classic and vital household requirement and lift it to a whole new design level.
We really struggled when it came to narrowing down our choice of designs!

Kings Framers are very very happy to shout from the rooftops that Lewes artist excentrique, Jo Lamb is at last selling her crazy fabulous paintings in our Lewes shop. She has made a gorgeous series of tiny paintings, perfect for Valentines day - each one totally unique and selling fast so hurry in to us and have a look!
Here are a few images from her most recent collection;

That's all for this week but there will be new updates on here, as they occur!