Bonfire Night

November the Fifth is a great day to be in Lewes. The town's centuries old tradition of parades and fireworks is unlike anywhere else. Unless you have been here for Bonfire it is very difficult to picture the extrodinary experience that makes us so proud to live in Lewes. This was taken outside our shop last year.


Most of the shops in town board up their shop windows to protect them from the huge crowds that heave through Lewes, we have always decorated our boards with slogans to show our support for Bonfire and Lewes itself. Lewes is fiercly independent! This Photo was taken last year, art work by Jack Wells.

We really enjoy framing more unusual pieces especially works on fabric, We were very pleased with the way this frame worked for this striking textile, we had chosen a simple combination, but the detail of the gilt slip just looked perfect.


Just when we thought we had completely run out of space to display any more stock, twenty boxes of Christmas cards were delivered and needed to be found somewhere to go, poor Taylor, his face says it all! I always get carried away choosing images for cards and there is a really great selection of designs this year.

We had more diaries in this week, these recycled leather diaries are our best sellers, they come in two sizes and the usual fabulous colours we expect from Undercover.

Have a fabulous bonfire, and you'll hear from us soon!