Guest editor - Em Lampard

Although I have lived in Lewes for most of my life and often visited Kings Framers for a beautiful birthday card or colourful bucket its only from my work experience that I’ve really realised the full extent of how lovely it is.


The shop itself is full of vibrancy and (as a delightful regular likes to say) bursting with love - which is true, there is a definite sense of friendliness and familiarity when you walk in through the sunny yellow door.

The perfect, quirky gifts offer something for everyone- whether it’s a city guide, a book filled with recipes and stunning artwork, or a neat, compact kit which makes a robot. It’s great that there’s such a variety of different products.


I absolutely love these quilts, they’re in such beautiful colours and patterns and I especially like the fact they’re different on both sides.
Marston and Langinger

The frames themselves are stunning and from listening to detailed discussions on what works best, which mount to use, the type of glass and everything else that has to be accounted for my interest and appreciation of how much work goes into a frame you might otherwise take for granted has really grown. I’m always amazed at the perfect combinations they seem to find for everything that comes in.

I got to go out to the workshop just on the other side of Plumpton and have a little nose around, which was a great opportunity.

I was taken around the different stations which meant I could see the different stages; cutting, sanding, spraying, gilding and assembling.

This brilliant frame which had been restored caught my eye, the picture doesn’t do it justice but it really drew me in with its grandeur.

And, of course, Steve’s wonderfully purple, spangly ruler.

The whole kings framers team all seem to be really happy and enjoying what they do, everything’s organized and under control but they still have a laugh and get along well. It’s a great place to work and I’ve had the perfect time. It’s full of delights and surprises and I would highly recommend everyone to delve in and find all its treasures.