The Butterfly Project - A Jamie White & Kings Framers Collaboration

The Butterfly Project - a Jamie White & Kings Framers collaboration, is our first foray into the realm of artist/framer collaboration and it has been a challenging but throughly enjoyable journey. 


Jamie White is a local artist specialising in pieces that celebrate the natural world, primarily using feathers. Between us we dreamt up this idea and Jamie set about sourcing these stunning specimens through a non-profit breeding program, which supports research into protecting the habitats of these beautiful creatures through local education programmes.

The sale of these framed pieces help to conserve wildlife habitats for the future preservation of insects in third world countries, including the support of the local communities directly involved within the Central African Republic, Togo, Ghana, Peru, and Indonesia.
Each framed specimen is sourced responsibly through sustainable captive breeding programmes.
These programmes ensure the survival of many Lepidoptera and other insect species, both domestic and exotic, promoting conservation, knowledge, education and awareness through practical hands on interaction.
Each specimen lives a natural life cycle within a special environment that has been created to preserve both the species and their different habitats.
No endangered species taken from the wild are ever used.

If you'd like to read more about this organisation please visit their site-

King Swallowtail (Male)
Papilio Thoas Cinyras

Green Swallowtail (Male)
Papilio Blumei

Peacock Swallowtail (Summer Form) (Male)
Papilio Hermeli

Peacock Swallowtail (Female)
Papilio Dehaanii

Oleander Hawk Moth (Male)
Daphnis Nerii

Stag Beetle (Male)
Cyclommatus Elaphus

European Swallowtail (Male)
Papilio Machaon Gorganus

Death's Head Hawk Moth (Female)
Acheronita Atropos

Madagascan Sunset Moth
Chrysrirdia Rhipheus

Alpine Black Swallowtail (Male)
Papilio Maakii

Alpine Black Swallowtail (Female)
Papilio Maakii

Elephant Hawkmoth (Male)
Deilephilia Elpenor

Blue Morman Butterfly (Female)
Papilioi Polymnester Parinda

Tiger Beetles (Female & Male)
Cicindela Chinensis Flamifera

Bedstraw Hawkmoth (Male)
Hyles Gallii

False Eros Blue Butterflies (Two Males)
Polyommatus Eroides

Indian Moon Silkmoth (Female)
Actias Selene

Indian Moon Silkmoth (Male)
Actias Selene

Rothchild's Atlas Silkmoth (Female)
Rothschildia Lebeau

Garden Tiger Moth (Female)
Arctia Caja

Java Oak Silkmoth (Male)
Antheraea Jana

Yellow Silkmoth (Female)
Antheraea Frithi

Spanish Moon Moth (Male)
Graellsia Isabellae

Spanish Moon Moth (Female)
Graellsia Isabellae

Green Shining Leaf Beetles (Two Females)
Scarabaeidae Chrysophora Chrysochlora

Menelaus Blue Morpho (Male)
Morpho Menelaus

Purple Spotted Swallowtail (Male)
Graphium Weiskei

Bulls Eye Moth (Male)
Automeris Pamina

This extraordinary collection of photographs gives us a whole new perspective on these stunning insects. 
Photo Credit to Jack Wells.

The final peice of this beautful jigsaw was to collect them together in our window - et voilá!