Original Print Fair

Original Print FairIf you want to see the Rainbow you've got to put up with the Rain. This has been a week of rain with a distinct lack of rainbows so we made our window into one!



Steve and I went to the London Original Print Fair on Friday and had a lovely time. I love the Royal Academy as a venue and the fair is a great mix of everything across the print genre, so we were treated to some fantastic new stuff alongside works on paper from the likes of Miro, Matisse and Picasso.







We really liked work on show at The Stoney road Press and are looking forward to having work on consignment from Irish artists, Richard Gorman, Felim Egan and Patrick Scott.

The Jealous Gallery also stood out as very vibrant and eclectic as ever showing a great mix of new work. Artists including Paula Rego, Patrick Caulfield and Maggie Hamblin had produced works portraying London Birds with a series of extinct bird prints from Ralph Steadman.

New into the shop this week are these completely beautiful soaps and candles from Claud Porto, they have the most heavenly scents and are a wonderful quality but I have to admit I bought them purely for their gorgeous designs and would just want to look at them and savour their beauty rather than use them!