Mark Hearld cardsSuddenly its dark and wintry and Bonfire is here again. It is a big deal here in Lewes and there is tangible excitement in the air this week. All the traders are making ready to board up their shops against the fireworks and huge crowds are expected on Saturday night. I love the change that comes over the Town, something in the identity of the people here and their ownership of a unique and incredibly impressive celebration is a unifying pride in independence that the tradition has given Lewes. We share in that and have for years painted slogans onto our boards to proclaim our solidarity with Bonfire. Our most famous being Freedom from the Nanny State, which made the front cover of the times back in 2005. This year you'll have to wait and see!
Our window display had been planned for sometime to show three gorgeous, newly framed prints just arrived from Dan Baldwin. Beautifully printed and embellished with Diamond dust, as previously used on prints by Sir Peter Blake and Damien Hirst, these a very strong images with his hallmark mixture of angelic and  demonic elements. However, we had a crazy day yesterday with the arrival from India of our fantastic collection of Quilts, hundreds of them in gorgeous colours and textiles, but with such limited space they have had to become part of our display, an unexpected combination, but we think it works!

Framing is really picking up now with lots of people planning good and early for Christmas (which as my daughter Sophie Rose reminded me this morning is only 53 days away!) We are able to take on work right into December but it is great to get things under way rather than leaving it to the last week. Even if the painting,  embroidery or whatever it is your making is not yet finished, please come in and have a chat about it with us now to avoid any last minute rush.

I have been looking for large format equestrian photography for a client as part of a consultancy project and have come across some stunning images by Anja Niemi from the Riflemaker Gallery.

We are also very pleased to have had some lovely prints in by Sir Terry Frost,  stunning colours and on really good scale.

Joining our collection will be work by Barbara Rae, who is also a superb colourist. Here are a couple images that will all be available to buy on our site soon.

Have a great bonfire and as the Sussex slogan goes 'We won't be druv'!