This week was full of people bringing positivity and inspiration. Our Monday morning meeting with Lucy Sheridan set the tone for the week, she brought with her some fabulous new works, including the fantastic tiger called 'Grrrr'. She has produced this gorgeous orange and black edition of seven, exclusively for us and we also have a pink and orange version available both at £300.

Lucy's partner Paul Farrell had come down with her, he is also an artist and illustrator, and while we were all chatting and admiring a particularly impressive Mark Hearld print hanging in the shop ('Salmon Return to the Thames' - see below) who should smile out from under his flat cap but Mark Hearld himself! Having only ever spoken on the phone it was great to meet him at last and also to meet Emily Sutton who was with him and we had an inspiring and jolly sociable time, talking print and future ideas. Watch this space for Lucy's new work.

My lovely daughter Sophie Rose was with us all week for her work experience, we were so pleased that she wanted to be here and it was wonderful to have such a fresh insight into our business. It always amazes me how differently peolple look at things and what they focus on by the end of the week, she had shaken up my office sorted out my database and we had moved around every shelf and moved every book, great to change our perspective.

Dan Baldwin contacted me at the end of the week to let me know about some exciting forthcoming work currently being published. Some pretty strong stuff absolutely beautifully printed, I am really looking forward to getting hold of it and making a powerful window display, Dan liked the sound of that and said he'd come and see. Great.