John Simpson + monoprints by Gary Goodman

Happy Birthday to Taylor for yesterday!

Steve has been really enjoying a very different type of work this last couple of  weeks, with the building of all the internal walls and spray booth in our new workshop, and since school has broken up now, both our children Sophie Rose and Jerome have been put to work with the painting too! We are so looking forward to the efficiency our new space will bring.

We have got some fantastic new artwork in the shop. John Simpson's beautiful new silkscreen print 'Artemis' has arrived and is a beautiful delicate and highly atmospheric image as his work often is, but this has a lovely new use of texture in the background and is a very skilled observation, with a powerful sense of energy.

Gary Goodman has also done three new images of animals, all full of character and a strong colour sense. He also brought in to us a really special collection of monoprints also of animals, mostly british wildlife with a few exceptions, that have already attracted alot of attention.

Gary Goodman Monoprints

On Friday we were invited to lovely a summer drinks party in one of the most beautiful gardens in Lewes. It was such a treat to glimpse a new view of our gorgeous little town and the perfect way to wind up the week.

Our sale is still on and we have added lots more mirrors and made some further reductions to really alot of artwork, so time to come and take advantage of the moment!